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Welcome to ENLIGHT pavilion.

Our goal is to give you a creative insight into the future of living. Catch a glimpse of the future and look behind the scenes in an enlightened ambience. What means "home"? How is a „sweet home"? How does technology contribute to comfort? What is the know-how in a building? Questions that ENLIGHT and the project partners KlimaHaus Agency, LVH and Bolzano Fair/Messe Bozen would like to discuss with you.

Your personal enlightenment is required, in future we are only intelligent together.
Visions need space, and so ENLIGHT wants to inform and inspire. Ideas do not fall from the clouds, but they develop, peel themselves out of further experiences. Enlight is a source of inspiration and motivation.
It is time for a new age of enlightenment where the emotional value of living can replace the material value. Economic values are more and more created by ideational values. High-Tech meets High-Touch, technology creates emotion, and intelligent living comfort will become life comfort.

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.