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Rockquiem is an idea of Manfred Schweigkofler, director of the Teatro Comunale di Bolzano, and Czech musician Daniel Landa, as a modern vision of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem. Rockquiem is a remarkable scenical music performance with live orchestra and dancing parts, sung in Latin original.

It's a new concept of performances, which is easily adaptable on different locations, indoor as well as outdoor.

Rockquiem has been performed not just in Italy, but very successfully also in Norway, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Idee, Skript, Regie und Supervision / Idea, Testi, Regia e Supervisione / Idea, Script, Direction & Supervision
Manfred Schweigkofler, Daniel und Mirjam Landa

Musik / Musiche / Music
Stefan Wurz (based on Mozart's Requiem, KV 626)

Choreografie und Kostüme / Coreografia e Costumi / Choreography & Costumes
Chiara Tanesini

Ideation & Darsteller der Figur "Homo"/ Idea e Interprete del personaggio "Homo" / Idea and Performer of "Homo"
José Luis Sultàn

Bühnenbild & Lightdesign / Scenografia e Luci / Set and Lightdesign
Michael Zimmermann

PARTNERS:2LANDA, Prague (ww.2landa.cz)